Chasing An Illusion

imageEven the greatest among us have vices. We all require a space in which we can be imperfect. We struggle to live up to the standards that have been set before us; to achieve success within the construct of what society defines for us. But our humanity finds a way to bleed through regardless of the height of our achievements. There is not one of us who is not seduced to surrender to the ecstasy of impracticality, illogical behavior or out right foolishness. It is hard to live in an upright fashion 100% of the time. But so foolish of us to believe that any one of us can.

We all have this vision of “success” “happiness” “beauty” “normal” “correct”…and all of them are merely fantasy. Who is it that we have seen that has achieved all of these visions we chase? What do they look like? What is the quality of their life? What is the depth of their character? But ultimately, are you them?

Obviously you cannot be them and still be you, so that question is absurd. However the idea of chasing a set of circumstances that you perceive to bring another person any one of those “visions” (happiness, success, etc) ┬áis NOT seen as equally absurd!! You are not them. I am not you. Your happiness will not cause the same reaction in my life as it does in yours, because my whole journey has been a different & unique one.

We get so caught up in measuring ourselves against one another, when none of us are on the same scale. Even those perceived as the wisest, prettiest, bravest, most athletic, most ambitious, etc of us all; they all – we all – have those taboo imperfections.

But how else can you identify an original, without an imperfection?





*Love Abundantly. Peace*