The Dream Is Dead

imageWhat are we to do when we are violently and definitively shaken from the dream we have been building and living within, to face the cold, harsh nightmare of reality? All of the rules we have been taught, all of the straight lines and correct posture and presentation, all the accolades for jumping through hoops..and they don’t mean a God dam thing.

We are taught on one side that we are all unified and interconnected; we are equally entitled to love, peace, freedom and justice. Yet in our functional reality we wake up each and every day, get our morning dose of heartbreak and suffering from the news, radio or paper, and without flinching march robotically to the nearest Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts for a shot of caffeine to numb us from feeling and shock our bodies into slaving for master another day. Where is the inter connectedness? Where is the heart? Where is a trace of human decency to feel a desire, need, want, or responsibility to help your fellow human being who is suffering? To stand in opposition of injustice without asking permission?

I do not understand how the world keeps spinning and we have no reaction to the tragedies that abound around us everyday. Yes I do. It’s called modern day enslavement. It’s the unequivocal dependence on the almighty dollar. There isn’t an action made in this world that is not motivated by the green. Not out of love or kindness or righteousness or fairness or laws or duty- just money. They even have us believing that those with the most green experience the most freedom. I’m beginning to see that the opposite is true.

Without green you are not bought. No one owns you or your time. You do not have allegiances to people or things outside of you ¬†and your family’s interests. No one owns your voice or your actions in this highly publicized fake-social world. All of the measures that keep us bound, running, and constantly feeling unworthy are non factors.

But what is the purpose of this nightmarish dream? Because it’s very clear to me that suffering is the only constant I see. So we are taught to choose a focus and ignore reality. Chase green harder. Drink more to numb it. Smoke more to escape it. Live reckless and inflict more suffering on yourself as punishment for feeling powerless, or to others because you can. Pray harder. And then what? Reality doesn’t change.

I’m seeing battles waged everyday with most of them lost and evil wins. The few wins provided hope. But the war has been raging for centuries…do you think we are winning?