Whisper Like A Child


We are all seeking permanence
Some way to let the world know we existed
We carve our names on trees and wet cement
Conscious that they’ll outlast us
Have children who will live on for a time when we are gone
But the truly indelible are the 4 elements
Who wear no names
All of our dna, all of our works of art,
All of our dancing and music and writing,
Our words spoken
Dissolve into air and earth
We chase fruitlessly an end that cannot be achieved
There is no you or me
We are but a whisper
In the passage of time
Seeking the acknowledgement of other whispers
Feeling validated and exalted as a result
A self created prison of perception
I’d rather live free
Free of judgement
Free of acceptance
Free of awareness
The likeness of a child
Free to be, whomever and whatever I was moved to be
Our children fly with powerful wings
And we at the ones that clip them and teach them to walk
But rebirth is always possible
So I choose for the rest of my days
To whisper like a child
With a heart full of joy
And a spirit free