Letter to the Deaf, Dumb & Blind Politicians

I am writing to ask for your immediate advocacy on behalf of our city on a number of issues that are killing our city.
1. The behavior of the Chicago Police department which has been documented on cell phone cameras recently is outrageous. But unfortunately, there is a long history of horrific behavior against people of color by CPD in this city. (I came across this site as a resource for this data in the event you need some evidence http://invisible.institute/police-data/) I am asking that you support efforts for an independent review board and legislation that prohibits access to city pensions for officers with excessive issues reported of racist behavior and violent aggression against people of color.
2. The violence in our city is raging out of control. Why is it that we have cameras on every corner and every CTA bus in these “high crime areas” but cannot prevent, convict or stop a single shooting? How is that possible unless CPD is turning a blind eye? This HAS to stop. This needs to stop immediately because no one on our city, no matter what neighborhood we live in, are safe. We are one city. When one of our neighborhoods is hurting, our entire city feels the pain. Our highest need communities have been neglected in this city for decades. First, deplorable neighborhood schools that do not adequately prepare them for college or employment, then lack of employment opportunities. Then due to low or lack of the ability to earn a living wage, people are trapped in high crime neighborhoods because those are the only areas of the city you can afford to live – what the hell do we expect will happen?? How can we in good conscious allow anyone in our city to live like this? No child in this city should be faced with death as frequently as our children on the west and south side are. They are literally living in a war zone. Losing friends, family members, and stepping over blood stains on sidewalks everyday. This cannot be our reality and it has to stop. I am asking that you make your voice heard to require this city to utilize every resource available especially as it relates to utilizing the many thousands of cameras (blue cameras, red light cameras, speed cameras, security cameras, CTA cameras, satellite cameras, etc) and put the tax payers dollars to work for our own safety. As John Bills continues to enjoy life and live as a free man after he misappropriated and profited millions by using taxpayer dollars from these cameras. This is overdue and needs to be done immediately.
3. Denounce and reject legislation currently pending that would cause UBER and Lyft to leave the city, and remove the option for income to thousands of Chicagoans. Again this is a tale of two cities, with UBER and Lyft being penalized for providing jobs, income and transportation to families on the west and south side that are NOT currently serviced by cabs!! (Or grocery stores, or road maintenance, or snow plow services, or streets and sanitation…but let me stay on the subject at hand).
This city is home for ALL Chicagoans, not only the residents in the wealthy areas of the city. Your elected post requires you to serve at the behest of the expressed priorities of your constituents. I urge you to carefully consider the points detailed above and take appropriate action to carry forward the actions outlined above. Fight on behalf of the citizens of this city. Every single resident deserves to have the opportunities that are available to residents in “wealthy” areas of the city; a safe neighborhood, good schools, clean streets, and a healthy economic ecosystem. I urge you to demand respect for all citizens in our city, regardless of their zip code.
Thank you.