Pulling Yourself Out from the Darkness

img_0323Life is pressure.

Each day you open your eyes to a new day, what first comes to your mind? For the majority of us, it’s the work day ahead, bills that need paying, kids to feed, reminders around your home of projects you need to get to, etc.

We turn on the news and we are flooded with images and information aimed at slowly picking us apart; bombarded by a circus act labeled as the democratic process in this country that is a republic, another black man slaughtered by a police officer, ads for life insurance just in case you die (a response to the countless subliminal messages received about the ways you may go), reports of the FDA now revealing some foods we’ve been eating for years will kill us, news of another officer who will not be charged for murdering a black person, pop these pills to lose 50 pounds in a week, pop this pill to make your body respond to sex because the food is silently shutting down body system functions, a pill for the side effect of the other pill you’re taking (with a possible side effect of death), reports of another government corruption scheme unveiled and no one will be punished…and it goes on and on…

I have come to believe that life can be like a pressure cooker. The elements around us adding stress and expectations of what we should do and how we should look. I’ve felt lately that several of the friends close to me have been feeling the pressures of life weighing heavily upon them, and I myself have shared in this same mindset. Feeling like the world is just too much, too heavy, too hard. These moments come. When you’re in it, it’s hard to recall how you got out before. If you are in that place now, here are your instructions. And if you aren’t there now, just bookmark this page to guide you when you find yourself in darkness again.

1. Lean on the Creator

It is usually when I am trying to do it all on my own, and trying to weild control over things much bigger than me that I feel overwhelmed and my worries swallow me up. Our Creator sees all, knows all and is just awaiting your conversation with Him. The strength of prayer is greater than any other power of this world. Use your power! Let God hear what you cannot say to anyone else and watch how God guides you out of your worry, loneliness, sadness, etc.

2. Pull on your “rocks” 

We all have that one person (maybe you are blessed to have 2-3) that knows you as well as you know you. They are the person you unflinchingly call family. The friend you don’t have to clean up for, or act as a host for when they come over because they don’t require it. This person is your rock, they love you, support you, and honor who you are with no intent to try and judge or change you. This person is who you need to go to when darkness surrounds you and you’re feeling low. Your rock can speak to the places in you that you’ve lost sight of at the moment. Your rock can be a shoulder to cry on, and an ear to listen; and then they can pull you back to yourself.

3. Remember Your Purpose

Your purpose, the reason you are here, the mission you are here to fulfill. The world will not be as it should be if you do not carry out your cause, so remember it. Recommit to it. And if you don’t know yet what your purpose is, then use that as your fuel to press on.

Stay strong beloved. You are not alone and you are loved.