Don’t Disturb This Groove

It lies right behind my lips
With each and every decadent kiss
Your hands like warm rays of distant suns across my body
Orchestrating movements like the wind
Subtle, tickling breezes
That pierrot a beautiful dance
Fierce, blinding gusts that overtake me
And force me to submit to their will
Those hands
If I could consume them there’d be nothing left
And that doesn’t begin to describe the perfection of his lips
The soul quaking reverberations when he speaks into my ear
A smile that ignites fireworks inside of me
How did this man manage to evade my barricades? 
With patient persistence he penetrated right thru
No place I’d rather be
Than wrapped in the safety of his embrace 
Intoxicated by his magnificence
Resting in the crook of his neck
Wondering how to speak the words beating in my chest