Inconsolable Tears

I am tired of having no comfort I can give
To the tears streaming down my daughter’s face 
While she asks why
He was just running down the street
He was trying to fight them off of him
He didn’t do anything wrong
All he was doing was running
Why didn’t anyone do anything?
He must have been so scared...

We have family that could be Ahmaud
Ahmaud is our family
We have aunties in Georgia that would fall to their knees
Asking Jesus why him?

It is unbearable to watch the faces 
Of our black and brown boys and girls
The thickness of undue hatred that settles around their shoulders
As they place the pieces of this blood soaked puzzle together to reveal 
That it is merely the melanin in your skin, 
As the sole cause of your untimely death sentence
You are never too young, or too old
You are never harmless or innocent
Never unthreatening enough
Whether reading a book, or playing in a park
Walking home with skittles, or just driving your car
Not with your hands up, or your face pressed against the concrete
Not even in your own home, eating ice cream

My fury burns through my veins
At the complacency and passing sympathy of others
Who will never know what it is to have these conversations looking into the eyes of their babies
Just a shrug and a wave of the hand, that’s just the way it is
“I just live here, I didn’t make it this way” 
And in between those syllables you affirm that you care nothing about black bodies
Someplace within you, you embrace some concept of Darwinism and eugenics
“Well, they must’ve done something wrong...most of them do..”
“They are poor, and dirty, and stupid just one less…”
These are words you will never speak
But your silence says it all

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