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An author, a mother, and a faithful vessel of love, Adria Husband is a force to be reckoned with. In her professional life, Adria has built a career in education over the last decade and a half advocating and speaking on behalf of those who are far too often never afforded the opportunity to do so in decisions directly affecting their lives. Adria has an unwavering dedication to ensuring that all children receive not ‘schooling’ but an excellent educational experience aimed at uncovering and promoting each child’s innate genius. In addition to being a mentor, Adria is a single mother to her daughter whom she raises righteously so that she, like her mother, will grow up to impact change in the world.

 As a two time published author, Adria Husband is making her mark. Her second book, “Love, God and Revolution”, a compilation of poems and essays surrounding each topic reaffirms Adria’s passion for community and the importance of shedding light on our society’s critical issues. Topics include love, family, spirituality, pride and youth of color. Adria appreciate and holds close the contributions of our elders but she is an avid believer in the idea of creating your individual legacy. Her goal has been to write her own story with the accomplishments of our ancestors in mind.  

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  1. I love what you’re doing, this site is fresh! I find myself in my frustration fully ready to move forward and fully accepting separatism as a true solution, we have examples of this working, take into account the brothers and sisters in Greenwood, Tulsa (Black Wall street), the Bronzeville area of Chicago or Harlem aka Black Mecca. The young people from the neighborhood that I grew up in are frustrated and they aren’t all savages, their movement will be as strong as the Panthers, if not stronger and I look forward to lending a hand. Keep this up!

    1. Thank you! Absolutely, it’s time to apply what we know works, and needs to be done. We’ve been taught lies, we have been taught to just swallow what we are fed and not question, so much to the point when even when things don’t add up, we have rolled with it. Not anymore. Even the term “savage” was never intended for us…but that’s a story for another time! I fully support your efforts to build our communities up, teach our youth because they are hungry, and build up a strong and very large team! Keep in touch, share this with your friends, and check back for updates!

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